I am an enthusiastic heavy metal fan originally from England. Currently, I reside in the beautiful country of Sweden. This blog is designed to show readers what life is really like for metalheads in this nation. If you are thinking about moving here, then you will get a lot out of my blog.

You don’t need to know anything about heavy metal to enjoy my content. In fact, you will probably learn something new by the end of it. There is an abundance of useful information and fun facts to check out.

Content on This Site

My main focus is on what it is like to be a metal fan living in Sweden. This includes the general lifestyle and the best places to see live gigs, especially when you find yourself in Stockholm.

Fashion is important to me, and therefore I talk about the ways you can dress to impress. This includes what to wear while at concerts, as well as when working. Hopefully, my blog on dressing for success will help you feel confident.

Having a good social life is vital for all of us. When I first came to Sweden, I was worried about how hard it would be to find mates and hang out with them regularly. I didn’t need to worry, as there are plenty of places to meet new people, especially heavy metal lovers. I give advice on the best ways to do this.

I also have an interest in the genre in general. There are plenty of topics about metal which are worth discussing. For instance, I talk about both up and coming bands, and the ones who have already established themselves in the rock world. I hope that these sections of the blog will help you discover music you have never heard before.