I wrote this blog because I wanted to explain what it is like being an English heavy metal freak living in the wonderful country of Sweden. I moved here five years ago and since then I have been lucky to experience the vibrant music world that it offers.

I hope that after reading through my blog you will have a much more extensive knowledge of life within Sweden. Some people might not realise how many fantastic bands hail from here. For decades this nation has given the world some of the most unique and talented artists to see.

My mission

It is my mission to tell you about the acts that are worth seeking out. Some of these are exclusive to Sweden itself. Others tour extensively allowing people from many different countries see them play their music.

A large chunk of this blog will be dedicated to my favourite Swedish bands both old and new. Before I moved here I had no idea just how diverse the heavy metal and rock scene was in this country. After half a decade I have seen so many bands that it would be impossible to name them all.

To be perfectly honest some of them were pretty awful. I only want to talk about the ones that wowed me with their mix of energetic live performances and rocking songs. I have sifted through these bands and selected only the very best. I hope you enjoy my blog and that it helps you listen to music you might never have heard before.