Life as a Seasoned Metal Head

Introduction Welcome all fellow Rock Gods and Metal Freaks. This blog is dedicated to my daily life as a well-experienced heavy metal fan. As you probably understand already,

Up and Coming Bands

Sweden is undoubtedly one of the most fabulous places to go if you want to see brand new music artists. Every weekend, the open mic nights provide up

Symphonic Metal

Symphonic metal is fast becoming one of the most popular subgenres of heavy metal. It combines the electric guitar and heavy drums of traditional metal with several elements

Swedish Rock Bands

Sweden has given the world some truly great artists in the classic rock and heavy metal genre. Many of these bands have gone on to become very successful.

Nights Out With Mates

Being an English person living in Sweden has meant that I’ve had to adapt to the country’s vibrant night life. There is plenty to do when going out

My Heavy Metal Lifestyle

You might think that living in Sweden would have changed my lifestyle considerably. However, the fact is, that once you learn the language, living in this beautiful country

Great Swedish Venues

My time in Sweden has taught me that Stockholm is the ideal place to see live rock shows. It is host to some truly amazing venues that have

Dressing For Success

One of the first things I learned when living in Sweden was that the clothes you wear affect how others react to you. This is true in both