Dressing For Success

One of the first things I learned when living in Sweden was that the clothes you wear affect how others react to you. This is true in both my work life and the free time I spend seeing live bands. I have found that how I dress has a direct relation to my success.


When I’m not enjoying the great music scene in Sweden I’m working in an office environment. It is very important to wear professional attire. The way you present yourself will reflect not only on your image but also that of the company that you are working for.

There are plenty of places in the country for buying inexpensive business suits. However, some people like to spend a little extra to make themselves feel more confident in the workplace. A common item to splash out on is a good looking tie. How much you spend on ties will depend on your overall budget.

It is not worth breaking the bank over. You should only get a higher priced outfit if you can actually afford it. The main thing to remember if that the clothes you get need to look sharp and make you feel like a winner.


When seeing a live gig it is best to wear clothes that show your support for the band. Most venues will sell merch such as branded shirts and wrist bands. These will show everyone that you are a fan. Heavy metal is well known for its dedicated communities. Often you will be accepted by other fans simply by wearing the right kind of clothes.

I have also sometimes encountered people wearing the same band shirts as me while out on the streets. This is a useful way of making new like-minded friends. I would never have gotten my close group of mates without wearing music brand clothes.