Hardclassics tests CBD olja – have you heard about it?

As you all know by now I moved to Sweden about 5 years ago and I’ve not regretted about it since, sure there are some quirks as there are with any country. One of my biggest struggles is that Swedes are kinda distant in their ways, it can be hard to establish contact. But I’ve found once you do they can be very warm and friendly. In this post I’m going to be talking about something else that is CBD Olja, or CBD oil as it is called in Sweden.

As many of you might know this is a product with a wide popularity around the world with an ever increasing amount of people using it, as well as scientists unlocking the secrets. So what about CBD olja in Sweden? Well for those of you who have not been following the situation. These last years has been hell not only for us consumers (yes I used it, one of the reasons why I’m writing this text) but also for the companies, producers and farmers.

Sure it has been a fairly unregulated market with loads of products with low quality. But these last years even serious companies has faced threats from läkemedelsverket, tullverket, the police and even the EU it self. There are now very few Swedish based companies left, because of the witch-hunt. Why you might ask? Well here it gets weird the narrative from the different government agencies has changed over time. From first being snake oil, to a drug, to a medicine (that only big pharma is allowed, or rather has the ability to produce and sell), the agenda has clearly been to make it hard for the industry to blossom.

In other parts of the world and Europe for that matter the regulation of CBD olja is different. It’s more easily available, recommended and subscribed by doctors since its a rather safe product, especially compared to a lot of the conventional medicines that is used. Even the big organisations of the world (EU, UN and WHO) all have the same sort of narrative. That CBD (the main component in the oil) should be easily available to the populations of the world because of its great usefulness. They have also concluded that it is to be seen as a safe substance with minimal risk of addiction and that it can be used for a wide array of applications. One that is notable it to use it to help people with epilepsy live a better life.

CBD olja contains something called “cannabinoids” and one of these is CBD (cannabidiol), these molecules (there are to this date 144 unique ones discovered) affects the endocannabinoid system in our bodies, who’s primary function is to uphold homeostasis. If you find this as fascinating as I do, I give my warmest recommendation to do your own research in how this might help you or others to have a better quality of life.

Stay Strong and Rock on!