Life as a Seasoned Metal Head


Welcome all fellow Rock Gods and Metal Freaks. This blog is dedicated to my daily life as a well-experienced heavy metal fan. As you probably understand already, all members the heavy metal loving community have their own story to tell, so here I have mine.

What to expect

There are many awesome things to be expecting from this blog, the first of which is the details of my activities which revolve around the theme of my metal addiction.

Also, you can anticipate my recommendations of music which really gets the head going, with different aspects of music from metal to rock I have an interest in sharing my musical preferences and helping you find your next favourite track.

Along side these two very exciting possibilities, you can come here to read my personal experiences of the different events and concerts I attend, I will include my general thoughts and what recommendation of whether it is really worth attending. I will ensure you have plenty of detail to work from, ranging from music style to performance quality to value for money in general.

I love my music and understand most people who have ended up here, will love to their music just like me.

Conclusion Time

There is a pre-existing wide range of music out in the universe, so why not enjoy it with all it’s power. And whilst listening to your incredible metal and rock tracks, why not pop over to for a bit of passion and like-minded talks and articles which you can read and enjoy, there will be no hatred or judgement, and I would love to have you get to know all about my life and possible help you along the way with your daily tasks and activities. there will be a wide range of content to read on this site, so why not enjoy it?