My Heavy Metal Lifestyle

You might think that living in Sweden would have changed my lifestyle considerably. However, the fact is, that once you learn the language, living in this beautiful country is not so different to that back in England. I base most of my days and nights around my love for heavy metal music.

Since Sweden has such a vibrant metal culture, I have been able to continue enjoying this music with others. There are several important parts of my heavy metal lifestyle.

Looking out for New Releases

One of the best things about this genre is that every year there are new and exciting records to seek out. Many of these are announced in advance so that you can save up to buy them. Being aware of which releases to look out for, will allow heavy metal fans to plan out what I like to call, a “listening calendar”.

Staying Fashionable

I know a few metalheads who wear the same set of clothes every week. This is relatively common in this subculture. However, I prefer to update my look and to follow the most recent fashion trends. This affects the band shirts I wear, the hairstyles I have, and the piercings I get. Music magazines allow you to get a sense of what is popular in the fashion scene at the moment. I like to emulate how certain people look in these mags.

Hanging out with Like-Minded People

Being part of a subculture is not a solo thing. You need friends who share the same tastes as you. Sweden is an excellent place for meeting fans of heavy metal. It is straightforward to seek them out. This is because many metal gigs are happening at the weekends in this country. While at these venues you are sure to find new friends.