Nights Out With Mates

Being an English person living in Sweden has meant that I’ve had to adapt to the country’s vibrant night life. There is plenty to do when going out with mates here. However, there are several things that are worth keeping in mind so that the evening can be as fun as possible.

Location Is Everything

The success of a night will be entirely dependent on where you decide to go. In Stockholm there are two areas that are well worth a visit. Södermalm is considered the Nordic equivalent of Brooklyn. There are trendy bars and fantastic music venues.

Stureplan is the place to go if you do not mind spending a fair amount of money. It has the best nightclubs and some high quality bars. The main downside of this area is that the queues can be fairly long.

Transport Is Rarely An Issue

Before I moved to Sweden I was a Londoner. Britain’s capital did not have ideal night time transport and I would often have to plan my evening so that I did not get stranded. Luckily Stockholm has 24 hour trains that run on Fridays and Saturdays.

This makes weekend nights on the town a much easier affair. There are also night buses and commuter trains for those who live further away.

You Have To Seek Out Cheap Drinks

The prices of drinks can vary wildly depending on which bar or pub you choose to patronise. There is a fair amount of dive bars that sell beer for around 50 SEK. This converts to roughly £4. It is a good idea to research prices before going out.

After Club Eating Is A Must

There is an abundance of late night/early morning takeaway food places in Sweden. These are great for when you’re finished in a nightclub. They can be the perfect end to a fun night with your mates.