Swedish Rock Bands

Sweden has given the world some truly great artists in the classic rock and heavy metal genre. Many of these bands have gone on to become very successful. As well as providing homegrown Swedish rockers, the country is also well known for its international collaborations.


Swedish rock group Europe was essential to the commercial success of the genre during the 1980s. They still regularly tour and play their greatest hits to adoring fans all over the world. Europe is probably most well known for their viral hit, The Final Countdown.

This stadium rock single was also the title for one of their albums. It has been featured in a wide variety of popular media. This includes the Superbowl, Strictly Come Dancing and numerous movies such as A Fantastic Fear of Everything. Several hits by Europe were also used in the comedy film Hot Rod.

The Hives

During the early 2000s, the Hives exploded onto the music scene and became beloved by listeners. This began with the release of their album, Veni Vidi Vicious which featured the hit single, Hate to Say I Told You So.

Aside from their well-received recorded work, the Hives have also received acclaim from critics and fans thanks to their energetic live performances. Formed in Sweden, this band is recognised for its distinctive suited look and colourful concerts.


Till Lindemann is mostly known as the lead vocalist for the very hard and dark metal German band Rammstein. Their music mixes controversial topics with nightmarish yet comedic imagery. When not playing with Rammstein, Till is one half of the duo Lindemann.

Swedish multi-instrumentalist Peter TÃĪgtgren works on the music side of their output, while Till focuses solely on vocals. Together these two have become famous throughout Europe and have a cult following in the US.