Up and Coming Bands

Sweden is undoubtedly one of the most fabulous places to go if you want to see brand new music artists. Every weekend, the open mic nights provide up and coming talent with the chance to show off their songs. While living in this country, I have been lucky enough to see some genuinely fantastic acts. They could very well go on to be big stars in the future. Here are the new bands which have impressed me the most.


This band dresses like it’s the 1970s, and this vintage style is extended to their music. They are currently gaining attention thanks to their classic rock influenced song Dead Or Alive. Spiders should have enough broad appeal to become household names one day.


Sister is a black metal group who will be enjoyed by those who like their music fast and scream-filled. Their single Carved in Stone sounds like a buzz saw (in a good way). Goths will get a lot out of this band.

The Hellacopters

This group are very guitar heavy and offer a reasonably mellow sound. Their tunes are very catchy, and their live shows often win over crowds. Their track Toys and Flavors is an excellent introduction to the band for new listeners.

Crazy Lixx

This band is very much influenced by the hard rock of the 1980s. There is currently a fad of nostalgia for this type of music. Hopefully, this will mean that Crazy Lixx will be all the rage soon. They are reminiscent of Dokken, especially in the music video for their track Wild Child.

Imperial State Electric

Imperial State Electric play songs which will instantly get stuck in your head. They are stylish and charismatic. Their best song is probably the single, Anywhere. A lot of energy and heart clearly goes into their compositions.